Writing with Crayons

Child coloring w crayons

Don’t you love the smell of crayons?  That very distinctive waxy smell opens the floodgates for all kinds of memories.  I have such a vivid image in my mind right now of one of my own children handing me a picture she just made using crayons.  The huge proud smile on her face beaming up at me looking for affirmation from her daddy is priceless.  Scribbled along the top of the picture in the brightest and boldest of colors is “To: Daddy”, followed by “I Love You”.  The large, irregular and uncertain lettering of a small child that says both “See what I can do now, Daddy!” and “You mean everything to me!” in a perfectly blended harmony of pure joy and love.

I’m feeling like a little child today.  The very best work that I can ever offer up to God…no matter how eloquent, no matter how intelligent, no matter how skillfully crafted…will be to God as a picture drawn with crayon.  My large, irregular and uncertain lettering across the top in bold colors saying, “To: God”, followed by “I Love You”.  I offer it up to Him, looking for the affirmation that only He can give.  My crayon drawing may not look like much, but to my Father, it’s a masterpiece!  He places it on His heavenly “refrigerator” along with all my other drawings.

I just hope and pray that my drawings are getting better as the years go by.

—– Paul —–

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