Is Your Faith Greater Than Your Fear?

As our family prepares to leave for Taiwan less than 3 months from now, I’m reminded of the journey that God has been leading us through. I’ve been reading the book of Numbers recently, and God stirred me when I read Numbers 9:21-23 this morning. My paraphrase of these verses is, “At the command of…

Are We There Yet?

The destination may be the reward for faithfulness and obedience, but it’s the journey of getting there that God uses to develop in us the kind of faith and trust we must have to accomplish His purposes. —– Paul —–

Child coloring w crayons

Writing with Crayons

Don’t you love the smell of crayons?  That very distinctive waxy smell opens the floodgates for all kinds of memories.  I have such a vivid image in my mind right now of one of my own children handing me a picture she just made using crayons.  The huge proud smile on her face beaming up…

Flickr image "Uh oh" by Dave 77459, usage via CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

Giving Your All…Even When You Don’t Want To

Have you ever had times when you notice apathy starting to creep into your work?  Maybe you’re in a difficult work environment, under lots of stress, work for a difficult boss, deal with demanding (and sometimes inconsiderate) customers, feel like you’re surrounded by incompetence…You’re feeling underpaid, undervalued, and just weary from the daily grind.

Steam Locomotive No. 844

Full Steam Ahead!

I used to work for a railroad.  The engineer on a train has a huge responsibility to safely operate and move that train over sometimes difficult terrain and in all kinds of weather.  When you have a train roughly a mile (or more) in length, hauling over 10,000 tons of freight, running in excess of…

"Me Myself and I" original photo by Paul Evans, 6 Aug 2012

Me, Myself, and I . . . A Brief Conversation

ME:  “Lord, if it be Your will, make me into a vessel that You can use.” MYSELF:  “But, to become like Christ means we are to share in His suffering!” ME:  “Lord, if it be Your will, make me into a vessel that You can use.” MYSELF:  “But, pain and suffering is not a cup…

Scooping Up Manna

    I wrote “Scooping Up Manna” on March 3rd, 2011 as an entry in my private journal during a time of great internal struggle and turmoil over whether or not I would choose to be obedient to follow after God.  This poem is based on the Biblical account found in Numbers chapters 13 and…