pillar of cloud and fire

Is Your Faith Greater Than Your Fear?

As our family prepares to leave for Taiwan less than 3 months from now, I’m reminded of the journey that God has been leading us through. I’ve been reading the book of Numbers recently, and God stirred me when I read Numbers 9:21-23 this morning. My paraphrase of these verses is, “At the command of…

May 2015 Newsletter

Ministry Update – May 2015

  In this month’s newsletter, we honor the memory of one of our fellow missionaries who spent some of his final moments sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of Taiwan before a tragic accident took his life a few weeks ago. We also share some of the outreach happening in April/May in…

Sweet Home…Oklahoma? Pt. 1

Originally posted on ashleymoore:
Many of you may not have really heard the story of why we moved to Oklahoma, so I want to share it. When Colby and I got married we started feeling this sense of emptiness. Like something was missing. We were both working, and I was going to school. We never…


Ministry Update – March 2015

Hello friends and family! As each week passes, we continue to get more and more excited about moving to Taiwan in September. We’re only 6 months away, and those months are going to fly past us quickly! In this month’s update, I want to tell you some of the incredible things God is doing as He…

Doors on Passover vs Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2015

Many people have written on the uncanny similarities between the Jewish Passover and Chinese New Year observances, so I’m not going to cover that ground yet again.  If you’re interested in finding out about the similarities, just do a web search for something like “chinese new year and jewish passover similarities” and you will find…

Taipei Traffic

Where Christmas is Just a Normal Day Like Any Other

In some countries and cultures, Christmas is not celebrated. Christmas is just a normal day like any other day. The photo above is indicative of what Christmas Day may have looked like today in Taipei, Taiwan. No Christmas trees, no lights, no decorations, no Christmas carols…It was just another work day today to most of…


Are We There Yet?

The destination may be the reward for faithfulness and obedience, but it’s the journey of getting there that God uses to develop in us the kind of faith and trust we must have to accomplish His purposes. —– Paul —–


Bible Haiku

I don’t claim to be a poet or a writer, so I can’t tell you why I felt like writing a couple of Haiku, but here they are nonetheless. This one is based on Matthew 16:24-26… One must die to self But will faith overcome fear? Time to truly live And this one is based…

Child coloring w crayons

Writing with Crayons

Don’t you love the smell of crayons?  That very distinctive waxy smell opens the floodgates for all kinds of memories.  I have such a vivid image in my mind right now of one of my own children handing me a picture she just made using crayons.  The huge proud smile on her face beaming up…

Everest Beyond the Limit - Discovery Channel

Mountain Climbing

One of my favorite shows is “Everest: Beyond the Limit” on the Discovery Channel.  The show follows several people on their quest to reach the top of Mount Everest.  Some make it to the top, others don’t.  To even make the attempt requires not just time and money, but also extensive preparations in the form…