Thank you for visiting Faith4TheJourney!  All of us are on a journey.  Regardless of whether the journey is long or short, or if the road traveled is straight or winding, everyone’s journey has a beginning and an end.  Some travel with a destination firmly in mind, while others prefer to roam wherever their whims may take them.

Faith4TheJourney is my way of inviting you to share the journey together that God has laid out before us as full-time missionaries. Will you laugh?  Will you cry?  Will you remove us from your “friends” list? That’s all up to you, but along the way, I hope you are at least entertained, encouraged, enlightened, and engaged.  Maybe you’ll even find insights to help you in your own journey.

Missionary Postcard

Are you at a point in your journey where you are struggling and feeling empty and alone?  If so, I highly recommend the following site as a great starting point for personal discovery → NeedHim.org.

In lieu of a “guestbook”, feel free to leave a comment on this Welcome! page to let me know what you think.

Thank you again for visiting Faith4TheJourney and being a part of the journey!

—– Paul —–


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