Getting a new roof and church sign!

Easter is coming… and so are weekly church services every Sunday in Dasi village in northeast Taiwan! Yes, this Easter Sunday, we plan to launch the next phase in the life of Dasi Christian Church by introducing weekly church services! We are so excited! Praise the Lord!!!

Preparations are in full swing, which happen to also include designing and putting up a brand new illuminated church sign! We will be doing outreach, sending out invitations, and getting the word out about Sunday services, but people need to be able to find us. What better way to find us than with a nice, big, illuminated sign?


Watch your step!

So we contacted someone to do the sign, but when he came over to see the building, he said he couldn’t install the sign up on the third floor where we need it. The structure just isn’t strong enough to support a large sign and to keep it from blowing away during typhoons (which is what happened to the last sign). Also, when he stepped onto the metal roof, his foot went straight through it!
We were already in the process of getting estimates to replace the roof due to other issues, so the “sign guy” and a roofing contractor both came out to consult with us last Friday. They gave us an estimate for making repairs and to install a new sign. In addition, they are going to take care of some major safety concerns with the second and third floor balconies. We have seen the roof and balconies deteriorate rapidly the last several months, to the point where replacement is the only viable option.

We finalized plans with the contractor and the “sign guy” on Monday. We are super excited about the plans for the new sign! It will be an illuminated sign 4’ tall by 12’ long, will be built to withstand typhoons, and will be positioned to be easily visible from the train station, and from highway traffic coming from either direction!

Dasi church sign 4x12 concept photo

Conceptual drawing of new sign & planned location

We had considered moving to a different facility knowing that these costly repairs would eventually be required. However, we believe God has provided this location for a reason. Our current building is located just across from the Dasi train station and is right next door to the elementary school. We have off-street parking and access to use the playground and basketball court next to us, plus a short walk to the beach. During the summer, families will go camping at the school next door which opens up even more ministry opportunities. So we decided to remain committed to the current location and invest in the future ministry of Dasi Christian Church.

The amazing part is that both vendors have committed to having the repairs completed
and a new sign installed BEFORE Easter! Praise the Lord!!! So we went ahead and gave them the “green light” to make it all happen.

We are expecting the project to cost $9,000 USD. But God is good! The Lord has already provided a $4,000 commitment from someone here in Taiwan toward these repairs!

Here is where we urgently need your help… We are now urgently asking for others to join with us in raising the remaining $5,000 needed.

Will you commit to giving toward this need? Many of you already generously and sacrificially contribute toward what God is doing here in northeast Taiwan, and we are grateful beyond words for your support!

This need is above and beyond our budgeted ministry needs. Whether you are a regular financial supporter or maybe haven’t been able to contribute financially yet, would you consider sending a special gift of any amount toward these repairs? It can be a one-time gift, or could even be a commitment for a total amount that is provided in smaller payments over the next several months.

Whatever the Lord puts on your heart to give, please send us a message with your pledge amount so we can let people know when we have reached the $5,000 needed. You can send a message using our Contact page… click here.

After notifying us of your pledge, the ideal method of giving is to send your check payable to “Northeast Taiwan Christian Association” to:

Northeast Taiwan Christian Association
C/O Cornerstone Church
245 Southland Dr.
Americus, GA 31709

Please be sure to put “DASI CHURCH” on the memo line of your check!

Again, this appeal is above and beyond our normal monthly support. Donations that directly support our family’s living and ministry expenses may continue to be made as they have been (via Faith Baptist Church, PayPal, ACH, etc). If you want more information on how you can support our monthly financial needs, please visit our Donate page… click here.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support! We are incredibly blessed by your faithful prayers and by your selfless giving. We praise God for you!

Paul & Lori



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