Sweet Home…Oklahoma? Pt. 1

I thought I’d share this story from a young couple who are dear friends of ours. What an encouraging and inspiring testimony to the power of God when ordinary people like Ashley and Colby are willing to turn over their lives completely to Him! To God be the glory!


Many of you may not have really heard the story of why we moved to Oklahoma, so I want to share it. When Colby and I got married we started feeling this sense of emptiness. Like something was missing. We were both working, and I was going to school. We never saw each other, and we’re both fairly miserable. Ask any American though and we were living the dream.

We knew better though. We knew that God had called us to be married for a greater purpose…but what was it? We didn’t know, so we asked. I began praying to God and asking what He wanted our lives to look like?

Missions. Everyone around us was talking about missions and following God. I feel like every sermon we went to, every book we read, and every significant family surrounding us was pointing towards leaving everything behind, and losing our lives…

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